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If you want to know more about the Plot structure and plot order,

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Plot Structure:

http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson401/PlotStructure.pps#256,1,Teaching Plot Structure Through Short Stories

Conflict Types:

http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson802/Conflict.ppt#274,3,Plot: Conflict


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To know more about how to tell a good story, we may start with an analysis of the major elements that make up a story.

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Reading Assignment

I. Unveiling Greek Mythology by James Baldwin
Greek Mythology I
Chapter 1~3








Greek mythology Pre-class assignment: Resume of Gods

A. Topic: Work in pair and choose one of the following gods or goddesses or stories.
1. Zeus & Hera  2. Hades and Poseidon  3. Demeter and Persephone

4. Mars &  Athena  5. Apollo & Artemis (Diana)

6. Aphrodite (Venus) and Eros (Cupid)  7. Dionysus and the Muses

8. Echo and Narcissus (play)  9. King Midas (play)

2. Design a resume for your chosen God. Please include the following information:
◎ Greek name & Roman name
◎ Images of the God (At least 3, in classical paintings or sculpture)
◎ A.K.A. (Also know as…, nicknames)
◎ Areas of power: …who is good at…..
◎ Symbols (if any )
◎ Traits of character

8-9 Please present a mini-play of the story in 8~10 minutes.

8~10  minutes for each group.

The History Teacher – Billy Collins

Trying to protect his students’ innocence
he told them the Ice Age was really just
the Chilly Age, a period of a million years
when everyone had to wear sweaters.

And the Stone Age became the Gravel Age,
named after the long driveways of the time.
The Spanish Inquisition was nothing more
than an outbreak of questions such as
“How far is it from here to Madrid?”
“What do you call the matador’s hat?”

The War of the Roses took place in a garden,
and the Enola Gay dropped one tiny atom on Japan.

The children would leave his classroom
for the playground to torment the weak
and the smart,
mussing up their hair and breaking their glasses,

while he gathered up his notes and walked home
past flower beds and white picket fences,
wondering if they would believe that soldiers
in the Boer War told long, rambling stories
designed to make the enemy nod off.